About us
  • Urban Space 100

    Urban Space is the new format at the intersection of different city environments. This is a restaurant where you can not only eat, but also socialise, discuss the ideas, find likeminded people, as well as read books, buy stuff in a shop opened there or organise your own presentation.

    This is a special place for urbanists’ meetings – for those who think city must be comfortable for living: green, eco-oriented, correlated with community interests.

     100 founders of the project equally finance the Urban Space 100 opening.

    Concept development, realization and further management is arranged by “23 Restaurants” company.

    The restaurant was open on the 27 of December 2014.

    • creation of a transparent trust fund intended to finance social projects and start-ups which are aimed towards development of the city
    • development of a physical platform to activate proactive cluster of the city, which gives impulse to initiatives and retains dynamics of their development
    • consolidation of 100 people of practical intelligence willing to invest in the project and distribute funds to finance other initiatives